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Our range of products include thinprep integrated imager, thinprep 2000 processor and thinprep 5000 processor.

Thinprep Integrated Imager

Thinprep Integrated Imager
  • Thinprep Integrated Imager
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Product Details:

Voltage230 V
Frequency50 Hz
Automation GradeAutomatic

ThinPrep Integrated ImagerIntegrates Imaging & slide reviewCombines proven ThinPrep imaging technology and slide reviewing into one system.       

The ThinPrep Imaging System combines the power of computer-assisted screening with human diagnostic experience. With Dual Review screening of every slide, your laboratory can achieve a new standard in cervical cancer testing with respect to accuracy and efficiency.



  • Each slide is imaged in approximately 90 seconds
  • Every cell and cell cluster on the slide is scanned
  • Coordinates of the top 22 largest and darkest objects are identified and stored


  • Behaves as an automated microscope, presenting the 22 fields of view (FOVs)
  • Dual review process combines human expertise with the power of computer imaging to deliver a superior solution for your lab
  • If abnormal cells are identified, the entire slide must be reviewed
  • If the 22FOVs are normal, slide can be signed out as negative
  • By concentrating on abnormal cases, the cytotechnologist (CT) can screen more efficiently

  • The review scope can be used as a conventional microscope saving valuable bench space
  • User-friendly touch screen and ergonomic stage and review controls
  • Automated fiducial mark alignment saves time and increases accuracy
  • Automated posts perform can functional checks ensure integrity of data
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Thinprep 2000 Processor

Thinprep 2000 Processor
  • Thinprep 2000 Processor
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Product Details:

ModelThinprep 2000
Width18"/46 cm
Height19.5"/50 cm
Depth15"/38 cm
Weight41lbs /19kg (approx)
Operating Temperature15-32 Deg C / 59-90 Deg F
Operating Humidity20%-90% RH non-condensing
Electrical Power100/120 VAC at 2 Amps
Voltage220/240 VAC at 1 Amp
Frequency47-63 Hz
Power200 watts

ThinPrep 2000 ProcessorBeyond the conventional PAP smearA semi-automated sample preparation instrument to prepare gynecological and general cytology specimens.      

The ThinPrep 2000 Processor is an automated slide preparation unit used with the ThinPrep Pap Test for cervical cancer testing. The ThinPrep 2000 can also be used for non-gynecological specimens such as for the diagnosis of cancers of the lung, bladder, and gastrointestinal tract, and in the preparation of fine needle aspiration of the thyroid and breast.

The ThinPrep 2000 utilizes a computerized process and patented membrane technology that controls dispersion, collection, and transfer of diagnostic cells from the sample to the slide. This ensures that the slide is representative and reproducible of the original sample collected in the ThinPrep Pap Test vial.

At the laboratory, the sample vial is placed into the ThinPrep 2000. Under the control of the instrument's microprocessor, a gentle dispersion step breaks up blood, mucus, and non-diagnostic debris, and then thoroughly mixes the sample. A series of negative pressure pulses are generated, which draw fluid though a ThinPrep 2000 filter to collect a thin, even layer of diagnostic cellular material. The ThinPrep 2000 constantly monitors the rate of flow through the ThinPrep 2000 filter during this process to collect an appropriate amount of material.

The cellular material is transferred to a glass slide using computer-controlled mechanical positioning and positive air pressure. The slide is then ejected into a cell fixative bath, ready for staining and evaluation.


The ThinPrep 2000 Processor will include an Accessory Kit containing:

  • Waste Bottle
  • Filter Caps
  • Operator’s Manual
  • Power Cord
  • Dispenser Pump
  • Program Memory Card
  • Miscellaneous maintenance items



  • The ThinPrep 2000 Processor utilizes mechanical, pneumatic and fluidic principles for cell dispersion, collection and transfer.
  • Dispersion: A rotary drive mechanism gently disperses samples
  • Collection: A pneumatic / fluid system, controlled by a microprocessor, monitors cell collection
  • Transfer: Computer controlled positioning and positive air pressure facilitate transfer of cells to the ThinPrep Microscope slide


Clearance font

  • Front: 0”/0cm
  • Rear: 3”/8cm
  • Side (ea): 3”/8cm
  • Top: 0”/0cm
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Thinprep 5000 Processor

Thinprep 5000 Processor
  • Thinprep 5000 Processor
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Product Details:

ModelThinPrep 5000
Automation GradeFully Automated
Test TypePAP test

  • Chain-of-custody verification eliminates possibility for sample mix-up
  • Instrument matches the barcode on vial with the label on slide to ensure sample is placed on correct slide
  • Walk away automation
  • Able to process between 1 and 20 samples per batch allowing flexible walk away automation
  • Supports processing of multiple slides per vial
  • Automated vial handling enables operator to simply load and leave
  • Batch processing may be interrupted in order to run an urgent sample
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